GO Map 3.0 is almost here!



GO Map 3.0 takes the map experience to a whole new level, including most of the features already presented in the GO Terrain asset, and many new ones.




GO Terrain is now included in GO Map asset

Starting with GO Map 3.0 you can enjoy maps with elevation directly, without purchasing GO Terrain. Basically every GO Terrain feature is now included in GO Map with a lot of new upgrades.
GO Terrain asset will be deprecated soon, but don’t worry: Users that have only purchased GO Terrain will get an upgrade offer between the two assets.

This is a list of the included GO Terrain features

    • Maps with elevation (Mapbox  and Mapzen)
    • Satellite images (Mapbox)
    • Hybrid maps
    • Low poly models pack
    • Low poly materials and shaders
    • Satellite 4x, for high resolution landscapes.

New features and styles

GO Map 3.0 allows you to customize the map like you have never done before but keeping the same ease of use that it always had.

Among the new features are:

  • New street names and labels
  • New Google Places POI component
  • Revisited environment system
  • Global scale

For a complete list of new features please visit the documentation page.

Significant performance upgrade

The map should be just the background of your game, the land on which to put your game mechanics, so the less resources it takes the better. GO Map 3.0 takes a significant leap in performance compared to the previous versions, and this is due to:

  • Multi threading: everything that could be moved off the main thread it’s gone.
  • Code optimization: mesh generation, protobuffer decode and other scripts were reviewed for faster performances.
  • Combining meshes: this feature is enabled only if selected in the GO Map panel and prevent from spawning too many game objects. Combining every layer’s building into a single mesh reduces the instantiate time and the global load time significantly.


This was unexpected and really bad news.
I hope they will make light about this sudden end of their services soon…With GO Map 3.0 you can switch to Mapbox, OSM or ESRI APIs and have no problem with your games/apps. This release also enables street names and address search with other Map services.Sorry guys, I haven’t had any heads up.