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Preload map tiles in the cache folder

Many users asked me how to load a portion of map into their products so that GoMap won’t have to do the request anymore (for that area).

I think this is the most effective way to do that and it’s not that difficult, just follow these steps:


  • Clear unity editor cache folder using the button on GoMap inspector.
  • Download all the data for the area you need by running GoMap in the editor and moving around (or set a large buffersize and custom coordinates in the locationManager)
  • Go pick the files from the unity editor cache folder of your project and copy them into your project resources folder.GoMap cache folder is situated in the “persistentDataPath/GoCache” folder of your unity editor. PersitentDataPath
  • In your code, somewhere before GoMap starts, you just have to copy these files into the build cache folder that is Application.persistentdatapath/GoChache. for each file in the cache folder you can use the static methods of the FileHandler.cs class that’s included in GoMap:
 public static void Save(string filename, byte[] bytes)

 public static byte[] Load(string filename) 
  • At this point GoMap should read the files from the cache like if it had downloaded them before, job done.
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