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Upgrade from previous versions

Unity code updater sometimes messes things up, so I’d like to give you some guidelines that makes your update procedure safer and faster.

First of all something about GoMap code: I don’t discourage to edit some GoMap classes to best fit your project or to add new features, but you have to understand that this changes will be overwritten by any new version of GoMap. If you have changed one of the GoMap classes you and need to update to a new GoMap version you have to merge your changes manually to the new files.
More than editing the GoMap files you maybe should override functions and make extensions, try to change the GoMap code the less possible if you are going to need updates.

The same is true in the case of demo scenes; you shouldn’t edit them in the same GoMap file but make a copy and edit it.

If you have built your game around GoMap, without editing the core classes, you can sleep safe. The GPS/Unity conversion system won’t change so all your game logic will still work.

This is the smooth upgrading procedure:

  1. Backup your project, you should do this independently by the updates of GoMap.
  2. Erase the GoMap – 3D Map for AR gaming folder from the unity project manager.
  3. Do the unity update of GoMap from the built in asset store window.
  4. Open your custom scenes and see if the GoMap objects are broken or settings are somehow different and edit them.
  5. If something goes wrong, you have your backup and you can still restore it.
  6. For any issue don’t hesitate to contact me at alangrant.unity@gmail.com
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