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Every GOFeatureBehaviour.cs contains an instance of GOFeature.cs that you can use to get all the API data about the feature.

(string) Name: the feature’s name.

(GOFeatureKind) Kind: The feature’s kind. That parameter is used by GOMap to override layer’s customization. See GORenderingOption.

(GOPOIKind) PoiKind: The feature’s kind if the feature is a POI.

(string) Detail: Some features may have another string field that extends the kind.

(sort) Sort: Sort order of this feature.

(float) Y: Y value of the feature.

(float) Height: the feature height (buildings only).

(int) Feature Index: feature’s index in the layer’s feature list. That value is used by some APIs to sort the features.

(int) Layer Index: feature’s layer index in the tile’s layer list. That value is used by some APIs to sort the features.

(int) Feature Count: The number of features in the same layer.

(bool) Is Loop: Tells whether the feature is a closed loop or not (roads only)

(GOFeatureType) GO Feature Type: The geometry type of the feature.

(Coordinates) Poi Coordinates: The coordinates of the feature in the case it’s a POI.

(List<Vector3>) Converted Geometry: The complete geometry of the feature converted in vector3.

(Vector3) Poi Geometry: The geometry of the POI (point).

(Dictionary<string,object>) properties: Complete list of feature’s properties.

(List<KeyValue>) Attributes: List of attributes just for inspector visualization.




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